Only empowered citizens can spark and sustain the change needed for a more peaceful, safe, and equal society. This is true for all of the major conflicts the world faces, ranging from climate change to gender equality, from violent extremism to poverty, and beyond. 
Our vision is a world where all are educated and empowered with the resources and abilities needed to achieve  and preserve such a global transformation. To such an end, NFP develops and employs innovative technology that can overcome even the largest digital barriers. 




Current Projects


The world’s information and technology divides limit the opportunities for one’s learning and empowerment. These divides come in various forms and manifest themselves in many different issues to which there can be many different solutions. NFP strives to pursue different but concentrated solutions to problems like limited access to internet or the gender digital divide. The following projects are NFP’s answers to meeting these kinds of challenges.


Knapsack for Hope

NetFreedom Pioneers is proud to have developed Knapsack for Hope, a satellite filecasting technology that leverages common satellite equipment to deliver digital content without relying on access to the internet.

Knapsack for Hope is driven by a belief that information exchange is a necessary building block of education, which ultimately improves the human condition. Learn more about satellite filecasting technology or visit Knapsack website by clicking below. 



Toosheh Channel

Toosheh -"knapsack" in Persian- is the biggest satellite filecasting channel worldwide. It currently distributes content to Farsi-speaking audiences throughout the Middle East. Using their already installed home satellite TV systems, users receive up to 8 GB of digital files that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Toranj is an android application that educates and supports those at risk of experiencing violent circumstances, inside or outside the home. Toranj offers such service through emergency calls: legal support handbook: educational resources: self-assessment of romantic relationships and a database of pro-bono counseling clinics and law firms.