NetFreedom Pioneers is a technology nonprofit organization working to inspire and bring positive social change to the world. We harness the medium of innovative, digital technology to promote freedom of information, education, learning, and empowerment: the building blocks to lasting change.


Our Vision


NetFreedom Pioneers’ vision is of a fully connected world with unhindered access to educative and empowering digital resources including online social communities, educational resources, supportive advocacy content, news and current events, and other media.

In our vision of this world even the smallest of minorities, the most disenfranchised, and the heavily censored have just as available and quality digital access to the same resources and information as the tech-savvy and equipped. The Syrian refugee in Jordan, the remote islander in Polynesia, the lone transgender villager in Iran, the Latin American Guarani grandmother, the displaced Roma in Europe, the homeless veteran in the United States, the Dalit in India, and the Sikh worshipper in Pakistan will all have equal access to information, and thus all of us will have equal access to each other.

To this end NFP develops and employs innovative satellite, internet, and mobile technologies that can overcome the largest digital barriers to empowering and educating people around the globe.