Digital Social Memory

NetFreedom Pioneers (NFP) had the privilege of being invited to the Digital Social Memory conference at the New Museum Theater in New York City.  Mehdi Yahyanejad, our co-founder and director, participated in a panel entitled “Archival Narratives and Counter-narratives” alongside Josh Miller (Director of Product Management, White House Office of Digital Strategy) and Dragan Espenschied (Preservation Director, Rhizome).

With today’s presence of technology in people’s lives, web content and material is as much a part of society’s social memory as the places in which one lives or the food that one eats. Panelists discussed the role this digital social memory and archiving can play in shaping social and political reality. Our company’s efforts to deliver web archives to different communities around the world were examined as a case study.

NFP is able to deliver web archives because of its ongoing collaboration with Rhizome’s project. We package online news using the project and deliver it to our users over satellite on a weekly basis. NFP shared the user feedback on with the Rhizome team and is currently in the midst of creating further collaboration opportunities.