Open Positions

Tech-oriented board AND ADVISORY members

Position Overview:

NetFreedom Pioneers, a technology 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is seeking new volunteer Board Members to guide and serve the organization and its mission.

Board Members are expected to serve a minimum of one year and meet quarterly for a minimum of 1 hour, though additional preparation time may be required. Members are encouraged to actively participate in the organization’s fundraising and expansion efforts, as well as to make themselves available for occasional management guidance and oversight. Though time required for a Board Member is minimal, NFP is striving to better engage its Board and is thus looking for candidates who will be passionately dedicated to the organization and its cause.

An effective Board Member will

  • Actively participate in the organization’s fundraising and expansion efforts;

  • Regularly attend Board meetings in accordance with the organization’s by-laws;

  • Accept assignments and complete tasks competently and punctually;

  • Stay informed about financial, political, and legal issues confronting the organization;

  • Prepare for meetings by reading financial statements, minutes, and reports;

  • Support and review performance of organization management; and

  • Ensure the organization’s legal and ethical integrity and accountability.

In addition, NFP seeks one Board Member to specifically serve as the Board’s Treasurer to provide financial oversight to the organization. This will not require day-to-day responsibilities such as bookkeeping, but rather the review and guidance of NFP’s financial management.

Application Process:

If interested, please email your resume or CV to jobs @ NFP’s Executive Director will review all resumes and CVs, and will contact you for follow up. Depending on the volume of interest, we expect the review process to take approximately 3-4 weeks.