NetFreedom Pioneers can’t reach its vision alone. We need partners, allies, and support. We strives to build trusting, reciprocative partnerships with other organizations and genuine, meaningful relationships with individual allies. Find out how you can join us with whatever you have to offer.



Tell us about your organization’s work, and we’ll discuss ways we can join forces to create palpable, impactful results. A partnership could include collaborating on research and development, creating online tools to combat online harassment, or co-hosting a publicity event. The possibilities are endless.


Talk to us about how you as an individual can help us empower global citizens. We need the help of those with technological know-how (engineers, programmers, etc.), but individuals have other talents that are crucial to our work. Contact us to begin your initiation to NFP.



Join the internet freedom movement. Support NetFreedom Pioneers and our technology research and development efforts by donating through our crowdfunding page.