KNAPSACK satellite Filecasting

Knapsack for Hope Filecasting is a data transfer technology that requires no hardware other than the conventional home TV satellite set-top box. Using this technology, we can embed digital data such as web content and ebooks in a standard TV stream and send it over a satellite TV broadcast channel. The files can be recovered at the receiving end by recording the satellite TV stream and using our Extractor software to extract the embedded files and view on mobile or PC. 


A simple solution

Filecasting requires no internet infrastructure and can facilitate data transfer when no other communication method is available. The dynamic data correction allows for recovery of lost data packets due to severe weather condition or jamming noise. Also, with a minimum data transfer rate of 1Mbps, datacasting allows us to transfer tens of GigaBytes of digital data per day- over a hundred times faster than any available comparable technology.



Filecasting Applications

Our technology has tremendous application creating information hubs in schools, libraries, refugee camps, and communities in offline areas; communication for humanitarian organizations with staff in remote regions; sending emergency information packages in the event of natural disaster or internet shutdown- and anywhere where education and information access is sought.


Schools and libraries: 

Access up-to-date teaching resources and connect to unlimited number of ebooks, wikipedia and digital archives


Refugee Camps: 

Give residents access to daily news and educational resources


Emergency Communication:

Distribute real-time critical relief information at times of crisis and network outage