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Toosheh -"knapsack" in Persian- uses datacasting technology to distribute content to Persian-speaking audiences in the Middle East. Using their already installed satellite dish, users can access up to 8 GB of information daily, including educational and training materials, news articles, entertainment, movies,  and rapid alerts in the event of a natural disaster. In a region where internet access is severely limited due to infrastructure, price, and government restrictions, Toosheh provides an immersive "bundle" that allows users to engage in worldwide conversations-- all at no cost and a data transfer rate of 1 GB an hour.

I think the idea behind Toosheh is brilliant. Using this method you can download Tor Browser, our video explaining Tor, and Tails within minutes—something that’s currently impossible with the internet speed in Iran.
— Nima Fatemi, Tor Project



of the world population does not have access to any form of internet

80% of the world doesn’t have access to an internet that is 100% uncensored


The ingenious way Iranians are using satellite TV to beam in banned internet.
— Wired Magazine


I wonder what would happen if I had the chance to watch [the TED videos] when I was a teenager. I might have studied harder in college.
— Reza, a Toosheh user in Sabzavar, northeast Iran